December '13

Once again we come to the end of another year, another good one here for our Designs and Sails.

Recent results passed on to us saw a BritPOP 1,2,3 at the NSW State Championships in Australia. A fine result by Scott Condie to dominate the event, with both Scott Backhouse and Owen Jarvis keeping Paul Jones back in 4th. On the west coast in OZ Roger Paul took out the WA Championships using BG Sails in a borrowed V8. Reports have also come to us with wins at both the Portuguese and Bulgarian Nationals.
Congratulations all for a job well done!

2014 will be our 16th year providing race winning sails, designs and components for customers around the world and once again we thank you all for your continued support. It is now time to take some leave, recharge the batteries and evaluate our focus for 2014 and beyond in the sport we love.

We wish all a Merry Christmas and good sailing for 2014!

Some recent 2013 results of skippers using BG Sails
1st, 2nd & 3rd NSW IOM Championships - Scott Condie, Scott Backhouse & Owen Jarvis
1st WA IOM Championships - Roger Paul
1st Portuguese IOM Championship - Jorge Camilo
1st Bulgarian IOM Championship -Petko Gramatikov

*We will be back in the workshop from Monday January 6.


November '13

Recent dominant National Championship wins for Manfred Wolfinger in Austria, Guillermo Beltri in Spain and a National ranking win for Alexis Carre in France using the BritPOP IOM has been well received. Being now over 2 years since the first production BritPOP hit the water, the design still continues to win events at the highest level, showing its true worth as a product. A big thank you to our builders for making this happen.

It has been over 3 years since the BritPOP was first designed and trialled and we are regularly asked when our next IOM design is due. The simple answer is that at present, over its 3 year lifespan very few new designs have come close to BritPOPs performance over the full range of conditions. With this in mind, it would be unwise to sit back and wait for a consistently faster IOM to appear elsewhere. There are many areas that can be looked at in design and thankfully our current position at the top gives us the advantage in seeking further improvement when the time comes.

Time now to start looking forward to 2014 with a Marblehead Worlds and IOM Euros planned.
Our Grunge M continues to show small improvements with each outing and small refinements to trim. With the M fleet strengthening once again in the UK through better planning and promotion of events, the time to put Grunge into production is nearing, though we are very mindful of its effect on class stability and growth before this happens. On class growth here, we have purchased another older Paradox design to run a series of update stories for the UK Marblehead class website. A fantastic older design that like many others, with minimum upgrades competes regularly in the top UK fleets. Keep your eye on the UK Marblehead website updates here.

'Trance' 10 Rater

Our first 10 Rater design 'Trance' is nearing completion in Sydney with Scott Condie doing a fine job. The fleet in Australia across all states has continued steady growth in a class that has struggled somewhat in other parts of the World. It is a great testament to good event planning, designers and builders taking an active interest offering quality options, along with many owners who are prepared to roll there sleeves up and have a go at building their own boats and components. It makes a pleasant change from the tired old line that the class and others like it are overpriced.

'Electronica' RG65

The first BG RG65 design 'Electronica' is now underway with the plug now in the hands of Robot Yachts. As with all of our boats, testing and evaluation will take place before any decision to proceed with production is made. The class has a long history of evolution from its South American origins and it is with this in mind that to attempt such a project, like other good designers have done we will aim to produce the best possible product within the class rules without compromise.

Once again the MYA AGM and Trade Show takes place on the 23rd November. Apart from the usual trader stands this year will also feature a Marblehead class stand and exhibit. All popular designs will be present, along with tuning lessons by Peter Stollery on Swing rigs and Robert Walsh on Conventional rig trim. Other champion skippers will be on hand to answer questions and advise on the best way to get involved in the class, with a modern race calendar and big events planned for 2014. We will also be featuring a Buy Swap Sell so if you have any old M gear to move on or want to grab a bargain, get down and take a look. Details here.

Some recent 2013 results of skippers using BG Sails
1st, 2nd & 3rd GBR Marblehead Ranking Manor Park BG, Peter Stollery (A Rig), Darin Ballington (A Rig)


October '13

BritPOP! and BG Sails IOM World Champions, again!
Congratulations to Robert Walsh for an outstanding week of racing at the just completed IOM World Championships held in Sdot Yam, Israel. To fully appreciate Rob's win is to understand the level of competition he was up against from a very well prepared Croatian team led by past winner Zvonko Jelacic and 2010 European Championship winner Marko Matic with their Kantuns. Rob not only took them on and won convincingly after leading from day 2, but he did so without some of his long time travelling mates and mentors with a level of composure that has left many, including ourselves in admiration. A World class effort of a deserving World Champion!
Congratulations also to Patrice Montero of France for a fine 10th place with his BritPOP!
Final Results

Recently Pierluigi Puthod, Gianluigi Rudoni and Graham Elliott took a 1,2,3 in the Italian IOM Nationals from on Lake Garda making it a clean sweep again for BritPOPs and BG Sails, with BG Sails taking 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9 overall!
Final Results

Here in the UK Sunday the 20th of October saw the last round of the UK ranking season for Marbleheads with a fine turnout of 21 boats competing at Manor Park. 2 fleets was great for the class experiencing a new found enthusiasm here in the lead up to next years worlds in Gouda, the Netherlands. Our BG Grunge took the win in gusting A & B rig conditions from Peter Stollery's Crazy Tube Free and Darin Ballington's ROK in 3rd.

Some recent 2013 results of skippers using BG Sails
1st & 10th IOM World Championship - Rob Walsh and Patrice Montero
1st, 2nd & 3rd ITA IOM Championship - Pierluigi Puthod, Gianluigi Rudoni, Graham Elliott
1st, 2nd & 3rd RM Midlands Ranking Race - BG, Peter Stollery (A suit), Darin Ballington (A suit)


September '13

The time has come again for an update after a busy few months at BG.

BritPOP! Naviga E class World Champion!
We have just received news of Manfred Wolfinger of Austria taking out the NAVIGA F5e class with our BritPOP! design. Congratulations Manfred! Results

Our BritPOP IOM design continues to lead the way at the highest level after winning the GBR National Championships for the third year running. This years event was held on the famous Fleetwood marine lake from August 24-26 with 74 competitors taking part, featuring no less than 5 IOM world champions. In what proved to be one of the most competitive races of recent years, BritPOP once again came through taking 1st and 3rd, and a total of 7 in the top 10 overall placings. Notable within these results were BritPOP's manufactured by all 3 of our licenced builders, (along with an original BG prototype hull) showing that our time and effort taken to ensure multiple repeatable quality versions of our design worldwide is reflected in performance. Congratulations to Martin Roberts in finishing second after some brilliant sailing, along with Robert Walsh sailing an acquired Vinaixa BritPOP dismissed elsewhere to finish ahead of our current world, and defending champion Peter Stollery.

June saw the Northern District IOM Ranking held over 2 days from the Birkenhead club. Saturday was in light A rig trying conditions and Sunday in 'washing machine' C rig conditions.
Saturday was a BritPOP 1,2,3 with Sunday showing a BritPOP 1,2 with Martin Roberts taking 3rd place.

Sunday the 4th of August saw our BG Grunge Marblehead design continue its domination of the class for 2013 with a 19 point Ranking Race win at West Kirby from 19 races over Graham Bantock 2nd and Peter Stollery 3rd. Conditions were great for fast flat water racing with B & C rigs used throughout the day. Some refinements in fin depth and displacement since last years Worlds win has seen continued gradual improvement in performance.

Currently our first BG 10 Rater design is being readied for build in Australia, along with our first RG65 design which we hope to have in the water here in the UK over the winter for some fun. Work has started on new IOM and Marblehead lines plans which we expect to have completed in the near future. These designs are all developments of what we understand to work well at present from experience and the knowledge we have collated on these various classes. With our 10 Rater design we have drawn on our past experience of the class in Australia from winning 2 National Championships as a skipper in 2002-03 and optimisation of rig, displacement and sail modes for 2 recent Australian champions including the defending champion Scott Condie. This coupled with dual rating experience of numerous Marblehead designs gives us a good platform to work from. Customer and builder interest, along with an appeal of a class where modern looking sail profiles are available is why we have undertook a design for the RG65 class. As with any class though time is often required to carefully understand subtle changes and differences from other classes. Due to its resemblance of the Marblehead in a half scale form we have lost count of the times we have been advised just to shrink down our Grunge design. If only it was that easy :). We do look forward to all of the above projects with a realistic approach and great enthusiasm. We are not of the face-book design trend where 'distorted' versions of ours and others work appear near daily online in classes a designer has little to no winning experience in. We trust that our loyal customers recognise this difference and know that it takes time and experience to produce designs, sails and equipment worthy of our winning results.

Early July saw an opportunity to go skiff sailing in the annual 2 day Lord Birkett marathon on Ulswater, part of the Lake District here in North West UK. Thanks to a kind offer by Kit and Richard Stenhouse I borrowed Kit's all singing and dancing MUSTO Skiff. A single handed lightweight trapeze skiff with mainsail, spinnaker and wing racks just to keep things interesting. Just an amazing experience to have your mind transported 20 years back remembering skiff handling in 15knots of wind, whilst your body is aged 10 years over the length of a 7 mile return 2 hour race. Thankfully Sunday had very little wind giving the body a rest where balance was the key over strength. The end result was no capsizes and a finish on corrected time of 25th from just over 200 starters for the weekend.
I had that much fun that a little flame has been re-lit in the mind. A fantastic weekend thanks to Kit and Richard, but I have to be clear that having Kit and a multiple World Champion and Olympian in Richard offering some top tips saved me a load of swimming :). Can I come again???

In finishing the past month has seen the arrival of our newest BG member 'Buster' a Golden Retriever puppy. Who better to put things into perspective :)

Some recent 2013 results of skippers using BG Sails
1st, 3rd,4th & 5th GBR IOM Championships - BG, Rob Walsh, Peter Stollery, Tony Edwards (8 in top 10)
1st, 2nd, 3rd GBR IOM Ranking Race - Birkenhead Day 1 - BG, Graham Elliott, Rob Walsh
1st & 2nd GBR IOM Ranking Race - Birkenhead Day 2 - BG, Rob Walsh
1st  GBR Marblehead Ranking Race - Birkenhead @ West Kirby - BG
1st & 2nd GBR Tri Services Championship - Gosport - John Cleave, Roy Stevens

If we have missed you, please let us know!



June '13

The past month has again been a good one for our sails and designs.

Our Grunge Marblehead design successfully defended last years UK Nationals result in conditions quite the opposite to last years Fleetwood event. Day 1 racing was held in varying 4-8 knot A rig conditions with Day 2 proving hard going in 0-3 knot swirling winds. With next years worlds having been announced for the 5-12 July in the Netherlands, it was good to have 2 strong fleets showing a continued strength within the class following on from last years worlds and nationals influx.

In Italy BritPOPs took the first four places at an International invitational event held on the site of next years euros at Campione, Lake Garda. Racing was held in all 3 rigs with once again Pierluigi Puthod leading the way over Patrice Montero, Marc Pomerande and Gianluigi Rudoni.

Ian Dundas led a BritPOP 1-2-3 to win the Scottish IOM championship at Castle Semple over Steve Taylor and John Owens. Congratulations to all 3 from the Aberdeen club.

Congratulations also to both Peter Van Rossem and Brig North for their 1-4 finish respectively at the Canadian IOM Nationals sailing BritPOPs.

Upcoming racing includes Birkenhead ranking races for both the IOM and Marblehead class, along with the IOM Nationals at Fleetwood in late August, Solo racing and some time off.

Some recent 2013 results of skippers using BG Sails
1st & 2nd GBR Marblehead Championships - BG, Peter Stollery
1st, 2nd, 4th & 5th ITA IOM Garda Invitational - Pierluigi Puthod, Patrice Montero, Gianluigi Rudoni, Matteo Longhi
1st, 2nd & 3rd Scottish IOM Championships - Ian Dundas, Steve Taylor, John Owens
1st & 4th CAN IOM National Championships - Peter Van Rossem, Brig North
1st BRA IOM National Championship - Denis Astbury

If we have missed you, please let us know!



May '13

Late April saw the US IOM Nationals held in San Francisco from the Team Oracle AC base. Sunny skies and good winds made a pleasant change from the cold of an extended UK winter. With borrowed BritPOP #1 and a strong start, a lack of racing practice since last years Euros win proved to be costly with some bad tactical decisions and own fault incidents, along with a wet receiver in race 8 while leading (must do pot lid up!), putting an end to any chance of a win. The racing was dominated by the first 3 boats with Ian Vickers racing his well prepared V8 cleanly on home waters for a 7 point win. 3rd place was taken by Eric Arndt sailing his original Lintel to his usual high standards that regularly holds him as the top US IOM skipper to beat.
The event was collectively a fantastic result for our designs and sails with no less than 14 BritPOP's finishing in the top 20 from a fleet of 55 entries. Once again a number of BritPOP skippers recorded personnel best Nationals results reinforcing our products ability to improve skippers fortunes regardless of relative experience or abilities like no other. A big thank you once again for everyone connected with the race organisation and Matty Mason and everyone at Team Oracle for making it happen in what is a very busy time for them. Good luck guys!

Back in the UK Graham Elliott and a strong group of BritPOPs continued in great style at Coal House Fort in the second UK ranking weekend of the year. Saturday saw 7 BPs in the top 10 with Graham Elliott winning from Darin Ballington and Graham Bantock. Sunday saw 5 BP's in the top 10 with Graham Elliott taking 2nd place behind Martin Roberts and just ahead of Peter Stollery in his Isotonic in 3rd.

The Italian BP domination continues with Pierluigi Puthod and Gianluigi Rudoni having another 1-2 finish in the recent round of their National Ranking since our last update.

Looking forward we have new 10 rater and RG65 design lines well underway for long time BG supporters in AUS, BRA & GBR, along with new IOM & RM lines plans for home build scheduled for the second half of 2013.

Finally Victoria and I were married on May 1st in Las Vegas, the 20 year old solo has had its first win at West Kirby and the UK RM Nationals are coming up with a world class field in a couple of weeks, summer's finally here.


Update May 13
Congratulations Olivier Cohen for comprehensively winning the 2013 French IOM Nationals by 19 points with his BG BritPOP. This is now back to back wins for Olivier and his third win in total using BG sails. Congratulations also to Patrice Montero in 4th place with his BG BritPOP. Once again BritPOPs had 4 boats in the top 10, more than any other design.

Some recent 2013 results of skippers using BG Sails
2nd USA IOM Championships - BG
1st & 2nd GBR IOM Ranking Race - Coal House Fort Day 1 - Graham Elliott & Darin Ballington
2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th GBR IOM Ranking Race - Coal House Fort Day 2 - Elliott, Stollery, Ballington & King
1st & 4th FRA IOM Championship - Olivier Cohen & Patrice Montero

If we have missed you, let us know!



March '13

With winter now officially coming to an end here in the UK (well hopefully), we look forward to the coming season of racing both at home and abroad. Coming up this year is the USA IOM Nationals at the Team ORACLE base in San Francisco in April and a full season of IOM & RM club, ranking and national events here in the UK with other events on the cards.  The past winter months have been busy with a record number of sails being dispatched, a new BritPOP hitting the water and winning its first outing both days at the Woodspring ranking race and the purchase of an old Jack Holt designed Solo class dinghy for some summer evening racing at West Kirby on the site of the 2011 IOM Worlds.

Worldwide our sails and designs continue to enjoy success for their owners at all levels of competition. A fantastic story recently was in the Australian IOM nationals in January, every BritPOP skipper present sailed to personal best ever results, with Scott Condie finishing in 4th place behind the experience of multiple past winners Grieve, Jones & Smith. Scott coupled this result with a solid win in the Australian 10 Rater class with a BG rig and weight optimised Aero2 design built locally. Well done Scott! In Italy the BritPOPs of Pierluigi Puthod and Gialuigi Rudoni have dominated all regional IOM races this year with 1-2 finishes. Gian is racing the red '42' that won last years Euros and has quickly taken to the red rocket and shown that Pier will not have things all his own way in 2013.
In the USA, BritPOPs scored a recent 1,2,4,5,6,9,10 result in big wave top end A & B rig conditions. Congratulations all and see you in the US soon for some tuning and racing!
A big year ahead and while there is no time for complacency, we look forward to managing our time and commitments to better enhance our love of the sport.

See you all on the water soon!

Some recent 2013 results of skippers using BG Sails
1st & 4th Australian 10R Championships - Scott Condie & Owen Jarvis
Australian 1OM Championships - Scott Condie
1st & 2nd GBR IOM Ranking Race - Woodspring Day 1 - BG,
Peter Stollery
1st & 2nd GBR IOM Ranking Race - Woodspring Day 2 - BG
2nd, 3rd & 4th NSW IOM Ranking Race - Scott Condie, Andrew Reid, Ian Hayden
2nd Dallas Blowout IOM Race - Brig North

If we have missed you, let us know!



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