A Little Disturbing....

Like any good small businesses dedicated to this sport, we do like to keep up with what is happening around the world at different events where skippers using our products are competing and how they are getting on.

Recently while looking over pictures from the Maltese IOM open we came across a B suit of sails made for a customer for the 2013 World Championships in Israel in an order of 3 suits (A, B & C). Nothing amiss at first glance until we noticed it appears our BG sails logo have been removed from both the mainsail and jib and replaced with the branding/logo of the skippers own branded sails and business.

ITA 52 BG B Rig Sails at WC 2013. Note: BG logo clearly evident on both sails

What appears to be the very same suit of BG B suit sails at Malta 2015 racing against another BG B suit on GBR 30

What appears to be the very same suit of BG B suit sails at Malta 2015. Note: New logo in tack of both sails with indelible marking in mainsail clew patch matching, along with every possible feature.

We will leave you to make up your own minds on what is right, but as always for anyone looking to purchase equipment in our sport that you choose reputable and trusted sources.

If only this was an April fools day joke.....

Thank you to both Hanneke Gillissen and Sue Brown for their continued great photography of IOM events.

Update- We would wish to make it very clear that in no way do we implicate our good friend of BG Sails Pierluigi Puthod in having any knowledge of, or involvement of any replacement of our logos with that of one bearing his name from a past agreement held prior to late 2014 to manufacture under licence.
We apologise to Pierluigi for any possible confusion.


January '15

Welcome to our first update for 2015. Here at BG we have a big year planned both on and off the water.

To start off the year we announce the arrival of our new lines plan designs 'Alternative' and 'Indie' for both the IOM and Marblehead classes. With the continued success of 'BritPOP' and 'Grunge', both new designs naturally feature the same important characteristics that offer the home or club builder the opportunity to build their own race winning yacht for any level of competition.
Designs are in also the planning stage for both the RG65 and 10Rater classes and will come online should there be sufficient interest. Further information on our available plans can be seen at our online store.

After some time off over the winter period, the new season of racing is fast approaching where there is plenty on offer. A full calendar of M & IOM racing is set down across the country to look forward to, along with the upcoming IOM Worlds to be held in Foster City, south of San Francisco in early May. A full entry of world class skippers are entered which includes defending World Champion Rob Walsh with his soon to be launched Britpop.

On the other side of the world down under, the Australian Championships were recently held in Mandurah, Western Australia. An all class performance saw the UK's Graham Bantock win all 3 International classes being the A, 10R and IOM.

Our designs and sails were well represented in all classes. Our Trance 10 Rater design built and sailed by Scott Condie put in a solid performance to finish a strong second behind GB. Scott was defending the title he won last year by a narrow margin on the boats then first outing. Over 12 months since, steady progress and refinement of Trance has seen the margin over the same opponents grow to over 40 points. Congratulations Scott.
The IOM class proved the most competitive with 5 skippers being in the mix to win the event going into the 4th and final day. At the head of the fleet for the major part of the event was 1 week old Britpop owner Sean Wallis, along with fellow BP owners Ross Bennett and Scott Backhouse. In the end it was the experience of GB who kept consistent to take the win with his Fraktal design, ahead of Ross, Scott and Sean. Well done all!

2015 Results to date of skippers using BG Sails and Designs

2nd AUS 10 Rater Nationals - Scott Condie - Trance/BG Sails
2nd, 3rd & 4th AUS IOM Nationals - Ross Bennett, Scott Backhouse & Sean Wallis - Britpop/BG Sails
2nd AUS A Class Nationals - Glenn Dawson - BG Sails (A suit)


For now it's heads down with plenty to do until next time.........


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